Reika Vesala / ヴェサラ玲華

Textile art and design

Ryijy Residency Programme


Invited to the Ryijy Residency Programme of Arlene Tucker and Daniel Malpica 
Stoa Gallery, Helsinki

Text from the project page about my works by Arlene Tucker:
“In her work she expresses her ideas through textile techniques, materials and concepts.
Literal arts are often her source of inspiration. She contemplates the meaning of the significance and nothingness, visible and invisible, of words and pictures. The words change into forms, materials and colours through her creative process. Costume, stage design, and wearable art is a part of her artistic production. She transforms and expresses the concept through the language of wearable. Her idea of community art is the connection. She contemplates how creative process connects people with art, single with collective, inward with expression, private with public, description with non-description.”